"Cead míle fáilte" “One Hundred Thousand Welcomes”
…... one of the most popular greetings in Ireland

The Country

Ireland is a lively and modern country with recognised European educational standards and the youngest population in West Europe. It has a technologically orientated economy as well as cultured, cosmopolitan cities. The island is renowned for its beautiful and unspoiled countryside and nature. A country where music, culture and traditions play an important role. Above all people like to take time to relax, chat and make friends.....


The Irish

The Irish people are friendly, easy going and have a genuine interest in other people. They are seldom ruffled and have a great love of conversation. Their hospitality and friendly manner helps the young students to adapt to the way of life in Ireland.



The Language

English is the main language spoken in Ireland although the county has its own national Celtic language. Every year many thousands of students from all over the world come to learn English in Ireland. The country has close cultural and educational links to the English -speaking world. It is said that the best English spoken in the world is in Ireland!